About the World Ocean Week (WOW)


The World Ocean Week (WOW) in Xiamen, as a platform of associating global marine policy, science and technology, strategy and action, is aimed at committing itself to provide various maritime city governments, oceanography academic community, international organizations, governmental organizations, marine-related enterprises and institutions with a fine platform of international cooperation and exchange, to promote healthy development of marine industry and sustainable utilization of marine resources, and also create an ocean culture festival being widely participated by the public, through which could increase people's oceanic awareness.


The World Ocean Week (WOW) in Xiamen has been successfully held for 12 consecutive years since 2006, being participated by nearly one thousand of officials and expert delegates from over 100 countries of Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Oceania etc., as well as nearly 20 important international organizations, among which, 9 ministerial level, 29 vice-ministerial level and over 50 director-general level officials. Moreover, there has been over 2 million person taking part in various activities of WOW.

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