November 1-7 “Love Xiamen Love Ocean”Photographic and Essay Competition


September 30,2019-January 30,2020 Interactivity – Playful imagination | Group Exhibition for Nordic Artists


November 1-7 “Great Voyage” Ship Model Exhibition


November 1-7 Ocean-theme Art Exhibition, Study Tours on Marine Environmental Protection and Fujian Junk along the Maritime Silk Road


November 1-7 Five Tourism Routes for the Marine Carnival


November 3-5 Open Day of the Whale Museum of Third Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources, P.R. China

Xiamen is a bustling port city and a major tourist destination on the southeastern coast of China. It’s also one of China’s five Special Economic Zones. With a permanent resident population of 3.92 million as of end 2016, the city covers a land area of 1699.39 square kilometers, of which Xiamen Island (including Gulangyu Island) accounts for 157.76 square kilometers. Reputed as the “Garden on the Sea”, Xiamen is blessed with unique natural landscape and lasting appeal, featuring pleasant coastal view, distinctive local flora and well-preserved ecological environment. Legend has it that in ancient times it was the habitat of egrets, and therefore Xiamen is also known as the “Egret Island”.

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